My aim is to provide authentic, fresh and reasonably priced dishes that wet the appetite and feed the soul and above all, to ensure that my team and I do this with impeccable service each and every time.

Throughout my teens I felt a burning desire to bring to life this aspiration but it wasn’t until many years later that I had the opportunity to fulfill this. My passion for good food, good service and good company is still as prevalent today as it was then. I love nothing more than being surrounded by family and friends, enjoying a beautifully well-cooked meal with lots of chatter all around, whilst sipping an excellent glass of wine.

I ensure we use well sourced ingredients, often bought locally, and from farmers supplying only the most sought after British-reared meats, to fresh catch-of-the-day fish and seafood from British coastal waters – but always complemented with genuine Italian ingredients. I take great pride in presenting my varied and ample menu, I work closely with my Chefs to ensure continuity and quality. Our talented chefs, Emilio Palmieri & Acursio Guardino have delighted us with their culinary skills from the very beginning; they love creating unique pasta dishes and are particularly fond of creating our delicious ‘blue’ steaks.

I hope L’Italiana demonstrates my ethos wholeheartedly in that my clientele feel ‘at home’ in my establishment and are experiencing this passion with me as my extended family.

I look forward to welcoming you to L’Italiana soon.

George Nicholas